A Proactive Antiracist Approach


The first woman of colour to be elected as Convener of the GTCS, EIS-ULA member, Khadija Mohammed, has been at the forefront of EIS anti-racism campaigning over the past decade. 

Since joining EIS council, Khadija has generously shared with EIS members her rich academic research of teachers’ experiences of racism in the Scottish education system, concluding the need to understand the impact of white privilege on pupils, students and teachers alike; the barriers preventing Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic teachers using their social and cultural capital in the classroom, and inhibiting their career progression; and the importance of diversity in the teaching profession.

Former Convener of the EIS Anti Racist Sub Committee, deserving recipient of the STUC Equality Award, provider of union learning for EIS representatives and activists, and now Convener of the GTCS, Khadija has been and continues to be, a leading voice in shaping the anti-racism agenda in 21st century Scottish education.